The Black Ops Gourmet Minute with J. Lear
Episode #3

Championship Crock-Pot Chili
(Recipe for a 6qt slow cooker)

      1 Pound - Smoked Bacon
        1.5 Pound - Boneless, Skinless Chicken Thighs
          2 Medium - Sweet Onions
            1 Medium - Green Pepper
              2 Chipotle Peppers
                42 Ounces - Diced Tomatoes
                  8 Ounces - Tomato Paste
                    2 Cups - Beef Broth
                      15 Ounces (1 Can) - Black Beans
                        15 Ounces (1 Can) - Kidney Beans
                          15 Ounces (1 Can) - Canned Sweet Corn
                            6 Tbsp Black Ops Seasoning

                                1. Cut bacon into small strips, across the short end
                                  2. Dice Onions and the Pepper
                                    3. Chop Chipotle Peppers
                                      4. Put the Bacon, Chicken, Beef Broth, Tomatoes, Tomato Paste, Chipotle Peppers, and 4 Tbsp Black Ops Seasoning into your slow cooker.
                                        5. Put the lid on and cook on Low for at least 8 hours
                                          6. Optional: Remove some of the bacon grease from the top.
                                            7. Remove the Chicken, shred it and put it back in the slow cooker.
                                              8. Add the Black Beans, Kidney Beans, Sweet Corn, and 2 Tbsp Black Ops Seasoning to the slow cooker.
                                                9. Continue to cook on low for at least another hour.